Product Customization

At ASG we know how important it is to look good. We carry a very large selection of products, along with a large selection of colors. Along with the best prices, it only makes sense that ASG should customize your gear. Everything, from fully custom team uniforms, performance shirts for a sports league, t-shirts for an event or organization, you name it, ASG can do it.

We have a dedicated Customization and Services Department. Our services allow for a full range of heat transfer prints, embroidery, screen printing, fusion and, full dye sublimation. With an assortment of screen print applications, such as sublimation, numbers, and jumbo prints, you can be assured your products will stand out. Additionally with Fusion and full dye expertise we have a strong capability that allows for endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing your ASG gear.

Call 1-800-361-1145 to talk with a Customer Service Representative to place your order! Please Note: Because customized products are personalized to you and your order, once your order is placed we cannot make changes to it.


ASG Numbers


(After Art Approval, Does Not Include Time For Shipping)

Design Embroidery / Twill Heat Seal Patch Fusion Screen Printing Sublimation Custom Apparel
2-3 Business Days 6-7 Business Days 16 to 21 Business Days 6-7 Business Days 12 Business 8 to 10 weeks 8 to 10 weeks



  • 12-Piece Minimum for team orders (does not apply to My Team Store - 1 unit orders.
  • Order Contact Person
  • Team Colors
  • Team Name
  • Service Request
  • Your own custom graphic art can be used or can be designed by ASG – please indicate which option you are selecting.


  • Provide one order contact person
  • Have team name
  • Have ALL sizing of garments and/or equipment
  • Contact us directly 1-800-361-1145 to place official order
  • Once an order has been placed and all your artwork has been confirmeed, you cannot modify it.


  1. An ASG Designer will contact you for a logo consultation. A custom logo design fee of $95 will be charged.
  2. Your designated Contact will receive 1 Logo Creation 2 Revisions for approval via email. (Each additional revision is $25).
  3. Upon approval of your logo, production will begin.
  4. Important! In order to ensure customer satisfaction with our logo designs, customers are required to send us a confirmation e-mail approving the logo design. Telephone approvals alone are not acceptable, and we will not proceed with the production process until written approval has been received via email or in writing.


Upon approval of artwork:

  1. NO changes can be made to your order;
  2. You should receive your order within the current lead times specified.
  3. Team information will be kept on file for future use.


  • Orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment due.
  • Back ordered items will delay shipping of the entire order, but in-stock items may be shipped when completed. Please specify if applicable.
  • During times of high volume, customized garments and equipment may take up to 12 weeks to ship.


ASG is committed to providing its customers with the best quality items in a wide range of colors. Our customized garments are no exception. Due to many variables with our factories worldwide, ASG cannot guarantee exact color reproductions on any and all fill-in reorders.

We have taken great care in producing a color palette based on Pantone color references which matches, as closely as possible, the colors in the available fabric. When these colors are printed as part of a gradient, they will sometimes not match as closely as a solid color. When our art department sends you a mock-up please note that because of variations in display and/or printer settings, it is impossible for us be sure we are displaying an exact match. The color in your garment may or may not resemble the color on your screen or print out. Colors used in mock-ups are for display purpose only.

ASG Standard Colors are referred to by name at the time of order and confirmed when the mock up is confirmed. Unfortunately, customized items cannot be accepted for return because final color output does not match either the color displayed at the time the mock-up was confirmed, or does not match other items ordered. Please contact Customer Service if you believe that a named Pantone color was used in error. At ASG, our policy is to provide the closest possible named color matching for our customers.


ASG's design team prides itself on the ability to deliver quality custom artwork designed to your team’s unique taste. However, because the ASG name and reputation are attached to every design we create or print, we have set certain standards for content. ASG reserves the right to refuse to produce artwork on the basis of content. The following are some of the categories of content which may cause such a refusal:

  • Sexually explicit or suggestive content
  • Offensive language, gestures or symbols.
  • Racist or anti-religious content or themes
  • The inclusion of copyrighted images

If your logo is rejected by our Design team, you will be given an opportunity to alter the design’s content so that it can be produced. Though we will make every effort to inform you as early as possible in the process that we must reject such items, please note that these changes may increase the design time.

If you are providing us with a file and think some of the content may not pass, please bring this up with customer service at the time of order. This may prevent delays later.


For customer-provided artwork, all digitization fees apply. Acceptable forms of artwork include CDR, EPS, PDF and AI files. The file must be a vector piece of art. There will be an extra design charge for customer provided jpeg and bitmap files.


ASG wants to work with you to put your designs, artwork, and logos on the products you purchase from ASG. Any such designs which ASG prepares for you, (“Artwork”), will be the property of ASG and will remain ASG’s intellectual property, even if you have paid a fee for our design services. You will receive the Artwork only as it appears on goods purchased from ASG and not in any electronic format. We will have the right to use the Artwork for any lawful purpose, including without limitation, for sales and advertising.

If you supply us with original and useable designs (“Customer Designs”), those Customer Designs will remain your property unless you request changes to the Customer Designs which significantly change the design. Such changes will result in the Customer Design becoming Artwork owned by ASG. You consent that you have all the appropriate rights to use Customer Designs which you provide to ASG, and you agree to be responsible for all costs or damages arising from a claim of infringement related to your Customer Design. You will need to provide written proof of your rights to use any third party logo or trademark prior to ASG using such logos or incorporating such logos into your Artwork.

ASG reserves the right to limit the number and scope of changes or redraws to Artwork and Customer Designs, and to charge additional fees for changes beyond that limit.


ASG knows from time to time your team may need additional uniforms. To make the ordering process easier the second time around, you may order “fill ins” for any order that has already been completed. To place a fill-in order, contact customer service. Please have your previous order number ready when calling. Fusion or Sublimation fill-in orders of fewer than six shirts will incur a $10.00 convenience charge. The Screen Printing fill-in fee is $30.00. Embroidery fill-in fee is $10 with a minimum quantity of six. The Tackle Twill fill-in fee is $20.00 for 11 or fewer.


Please note that once your order has been placed, no changes can be made to it.


After submitting your order, you will receive an e-mail mock-up for the customized items on your order from one of our graphic designers within the established time frame for providing mock-ups.

E-mail is the preferred line of communication for revisions and is required for the final mock-up approval. Without an e-mail approval of the mock-up, no production will be completed.

By submitting your final mock-up approval to our design team, you agree to the following terms:

I verify that all lettering and/or word spellings, graphics, colors and content included in the approved mock-up are correct. ASG is not liable for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: Misspelling, Graphics, Grammar, Punctuation and Final Appearance of Colors.”

NOTE: (Mock-ups are not to scale and are used for demonstration purposes only, as all sizing and placement is per our standards. The colors displayed on your screen and shown on your mock-up are not guaranteed to be a true match to the colors that will be on the finished product.)

(Please contact Customer Service, not the Design Department regarding your order status.)


Fusion Print


Fusion offers logos in limitless colors on any of ASG garment colors, along with plenty of room to showcase sponsors, and player names. With Fusion, your image will be printed on a thin, flexible piece of vinyl. The vinyl will be applied to the shirt using a heat press. The heat press uses a combination of high temperature, pressure and time to adhere the vinyl image to the fabric of the shirt. The end result is a shirt that is any of the wide array of Pantone colors ASG offers, with a vibrant, clear image on it. While there are no color limitations when your fusion logo is being designed, please keep in mind that there will be a thin white outline around the outside edge of any images on a fusion shirt. This white outline is necessary to the process we use to cut out all vinyl logos, words and numbers. Also, the white outline cannot be changed to any other color. Due to the cutting process mentioned above, certain logos with complicated details that are offered in Sublimation cannot be offered in Fusion. Whether a logo is offered in Fusion will be noted next to the sublimation example in the logo section of the catalog. Please refer to our color policy for information on color matching.

Minimum order is 12. Fill-in orders of fewer than 6 pieces will have $10 fill-in fee. Fill-in orders with more than 6 pieces will not have a fill-in fee.


With Full Dye Sublimation your image will be printed with a special ink onto a sheet of transfer paper. The image on the piece of paper is applied to the shirt using a heat press. This press combines pressure, high temperature and time to transfer the image on the paper onto the shirt. The end result is a breathable, flexible shirt with a vibrant image that will not crack or peel off over time and will not feel stiff or heavy while the garment is being worn. A full color shirt pattern is printed on a large sheet of coated paper with a special ink. This paper is placed on top of a plain white piece of cloth and pressed, using a large format heat press. The press uses a high temperature, pressure and time to transfer the image onto the fabric. The fabric is then cut according to the pattern that was printed on it and sewn together to form a garment. Because the shirt is dyed and then sewn, there are far more design options for your garments. Full Dye garments are not limited in color the way Sublimation garments are. Your garment can be any of the wide array of colors ASG offers, yet the fabric is still breathable and lightweight. The final piece is vibrantly colored, lightweight and well designed.


Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. It is also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicoloured image or design.


Embroidery uses only a needle and the art of needle work. It is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle.


If you wish to wear your favorite WOVEN badges, there is a simple solution with a perfect result: the heat-seal patch. The heat-seal patch is an WOVEN patch (that appears similar to an embossed/embroider effect) which can be fixed with a heat press at a more reasonable cost. This badge is suitable for every kind of fabric. The patch is available in several different thread colors. There are also different borders, laser cut or embroidered, for simple and regular shaped edges. The heat-seal badge is pressed at a temperature of 180 ° C for 18 seconds, with a pressure between 2 and 4 bar. Embroidered patches can be fixed onto light or dark fabrics, on materials such as cotton or polyester. The heat seal patch is ideal for replacing direct embroidery. Production time for heat-seal patches is about 2-3 weeks. To create your heat-seal patch, you can easily send a high quality jpg file. Minimum quantities are 50 units. Call 1-800-361-1145 to talk with a Customer Service Representative to place your order!


Custom logos are a great choice when you’re looking for a creative logo that truly represents your team. Campea can help create a logo that is suited exactly to you, and the possibilities are virtually endless. We can incorporate images and fonts that reflect your team’s character. When you choose to have a custom logo designed, you will be assigned a designer who will work with you throughout the process of creating your logo. Your designer will contact you personally to discuss the logo you would like before creating your first mockup. Your designer will then send you a mockup of your shirt, including your logo and number styles. After this initial mockup, you will be allowed two major revisions, at the designer’s discretion. ASG has a strong design team that is eager to work with you and help you shape the logo you are dreaming of. Our designers love what they do and it shows in the quality work they produce.


  • Custom Design Fee - $95.00
  • Please refer to order process for our design standards
  • Call 1-800-361-1145 to talk with a Customer Service Representative to place your order!


  • Notes on Adding Names & Number:1. We will only personalize uniforms that we have supplied.
  • We recommend ordering a couple of extra jerseys as spares.
  • Contact our staff and we'll make the process easy.

About Stock Numbers:

Just need basic numbers on your jerseys? We recommend using our 10" inch tall stock numbers. Choose from Black, White, Red, Blue or Navy-Blue.

About Vinyl Numbers:

  • Vinyl letters and numbers can be printed with different fonts, sizes and multiple colours.
  • Names: Names are always done in vinyl, they can be printed with different fonts, sizes and multiple colours


These basic washing instructions can be used for all Sublimation, Fusion, Screen Print and Embroidery orders.

  • Machine Wash cold, gentle cycle only
  • Wash garment inside out
  • No fabric softener
  • No bleach
  • Do not wash alone or with whites
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Service team!